Historical agent presence state

Hello Everyone,

I have been struggling to find any information regarding historical agent presence state information. What I am looking to achieve is to retrieve the presence state information for the agents let say for the last 7 days. How the status changed and what time it happened. Is there any way to achieve the above even if I got by any of the commercial software for Freepbx. Any help will be highly appreciated.


This it a toggle in astdb, it is not logged. You can submit a feature request to http://issues.freepbx.org. If you would like a custom dev quote you can open a sales ticket at http://ussupport.sangoma.com

This seems like it could be a useful feature for some so I would suggest a feature request at a minimum.

Generally Digium’s addition of CEL reporting to Asterisk should cover that for the most part, so in effect those events are in fact logged as far as loin/logout, pause etc. if done by “calls” . It’s just a matter of a simple ( or more complicated :wink: ) mysql query against asteriskcdrdb.cel