HIRING someone for a small Asterisk setup*****

I am looking to possibly hire someone to help me with a asterisk configuration…

I have already installed the software and have the server up and running and i’m in the freepbx admin panel…

Now i need help to setup the following…

-adding my SIP TRUNK

  1. user calls #
  2. plays recording
  3. user presses 1, forwards to a phone
  4. user presses 2, plays a recording, then is a prompt for five-eight digit code
  5. based on the code, system plays an mp3
  6. user can then enter another code, go back to the previous menu, or hang up

note: also, after xxx amount of time of it being forwarded to a phone it rings back to asterisk voicemail when will be accessable by me anywhere via caling the system or email.
note: whatever the user enters (#####), the system would find that file (#####.mp3) and play it…and if that file doesn’t exist, you could do a general error

I also expect some basic training so i can maintain, add/remove extensions and mp3s etc.

I am not an idiot and I know this is not a complicated project… So if you are interested send me a message with some type of contact information … ideally MSN and what it will cost me.


That’s not meant to be an insult, BTW… it’s just true. If you are using Elastix I suggest you download “Elastix Without Tears” (Google it) and concentrate in the sections about setting up an IVR menu, and (for the extension) follow-me (you might want to look at ring groups also). Even if you are not using Elastix, most of the information would still be applicable because in Elastix this is all handled by FreePBX. You will need two IVR’s, one for your main menu (1 or 2) and the second to select the audio file to play.

The only slightly oddball part of what you want to do is playing an MP3. What you will find is that you can’t just play any old MP3 - Asterisk wants to see them in a specific format, so you will probably have to convert them first. The format it wants is 8 khz/16 bits/mono. You can convert them using any of a number of audio tools depending on what platform you normally use (on Linux you could use the command line program LAME, in Windows there are probably at least a dozen utilities that will do it. I’m sure the cross-platform program Audacity can do it, though I don’t use that often enough to tell you how).

Then you simply upload your files using the “System Recordings” page, then add each recording as an Announcement using the “Announcements” page (this is where you can tell it to go back to the second IVR after the recording is finished playing, so the caller can make another selection). Once you have set those up, you can choose the announcements as destinations in your IVR menu. Don’t skip a step here - you have to upload the recording using “System Recordings”, then use the “Announcements” page to make it a destination, then create your IVR selection and specify the announcement as the destination. If the recording won’t play check the format - Asterisk is REALLY picky about which MP3 files it will play.

Once you’ve done this a few times it will become second nature to you, and you’re going to have to learn how to do it anyway so might as well do it yourself from the get-go.