Hints Not staying Registered

Hi, I’m using Asterisk 1.4

AsteriskCLI> show hints
703@park-hints : park:703@parkedcalls State:Idle Watchers 16
702@park-hints : park:702@parkedcalls State:Idle Watchers 12
701@park-hints : park:701@parkedcalls State:Idle Watchers 11

I’m using Aastra 9133i phones.
In my phone config, I have 3 softkeys set as BLF’s for 3 park slots.
prgkey1 type: blf
prgkey1 value: 701
prgkey1 line: 1

This works but after a while the phones seem to “forget” as you can see… I can fix it by rebooting the phones, but this is more than a pain…

Someone suggested to me at one point to put pedantic=yes in my sip.conf, but this did not fix my problem…

Any suggestions?

does Asterisk continue to have the hints set? (show hints). If so, have you tried upgrading the phone’s firmware and if that didn’t work, downgrading it? (Maybe after checking their firmware release notes)

The hints are registered on the phones via the conf files… As far as show hints is concearned, they all start at 16 watchers and eventually drop. All the phones are configured via the same conf file and are running the same firmware so I’m not sure what is causing it to forget.
The firmware on the phones is the newest I believe, and it is supposed to work with ast/blf.

All I know for sure, is that if I do an amportal restart ALL the phones lose their hints.

A workaround would be having the phones reload their conf files periodically but that’s really not a route I want to take if I don’t have to.

This is a known problem with AASTRA phones. I’ve talked to AASTRA tech support several times and so far the only solution is to have the phone reload the its config files.
The phone will not try to download the .cfg file (and then restart) unless the .cfg file has changed. I have a cron job which puts a # at the end of the file daily (echo “#” >> /tftpboot/aastra.cfg).

AASTRA has given no “hint” as to when they might have this resolved.