High Memory Usage

FreePBX: 15.0.29
Asterisk Version: 16.13.0
Around the 23rd of the month I noticed the swap kicked in on our box. This was particularly concerning as the server has 32GB memory. Is there a way to narrow down what the culprit is? The swap is continuing to grow and will eventually cause a crash. We will reboot the box, but I wanted to see If we could figure out the root cause before that.

Can you check if there are hanging channels?

asterisk -x"core show channels verbose"

Rebooted already but will try that if it happens again. the other odd thing is almost all 32 GB went to chased right away. Most of our other boxes (with less memory) show as free. Thanks again!

That means you are writing a lot of files to the disk. Anything you write will go into cached until the OS thinks that completely free memory is too low. It means that, if you need to read those files, no disk operation is needed.

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