High Memory issue FBPX 2.11 through asterisknow 3 (ast 11.6)


With a new installation I keep having a memory issue.

VM : 1GB Ram
distro : asterisknow 3 64bits
yum update done
fpbx 2.11
asterisk 11.6

very few extenstions, simple config.
no FOP no user panel

After a few hours 90% of memory taken.

httpd restart does not help
asterisk restart does not help
mysqld restart does not help

need to reboot, it’s a pain.

any idea ?

Why do you need to reboot? Does it run poorly or anything stop working? The memory bar is really a useless indicator.

I have for the time being very few calls so difficult to say but apache responds way too slowly …

The system was installed (is running) on Bare metal or Virtual Machine?

Also Centos 6.X recommends 2Gb of memory which is what AsteriskNOW uses.

just changed to 2GB but after few minutes goes to 78%
it’s a VM.

Sounds like a VM issue to me then.

I agree, that something must be wrong with your VM install. The asterisk I have at home is running on a super old machine with only 128MB and I still have 50% memory left with all services running. I have also done VM install on the amazon EC2 micro instance (512MB) and there are no memory issues on it either, plenty of memory left.

You neglect to say what virtualization you are using. Most work fine.

VM ware ESXi 5.5
my distro is asterisknow 3.0 64bits, so asterisk 11.6
I had no issue with the previous version of asterisk now

to find out and track what’s taking so much memory ?
I can’t read properly “top” nor "ps auxf"
I must be missing some parameters

ok just to let you know.
I redid the installation without the yum update.
so Asterisk version is 11.2
no memory issue.
So I am wondering whether this comes from the yum update which upgraded to 11.6 or is this comes from subsequent modules installation like freepbx framework and such.

then the only reason must be a module issue. best guess is freepbx framework.
I’ll stick without it

Any reason you would not be using the official FreePBX distro instead of AsteriskNow?