High Extension Latency

I have around 40 phones on a system and they consistently show a latency around or higher than 80ms. Any ideas why this might be so high?

Are you talking SIP latency, or ICMP latency?

great question. Is Asterisk Info under peers does the latency shown there indicate SIP or ICMP latency?

That’s the SIP latency, and 80ms is a little high there, but no unmanageable.

The obvious places to look are switch performance and device hops (10ms per intervening device is not uncommon). If you have switch to switch connections, or have external phones, 80ms can be pretty common.

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Thank you for your help. Most likely looking at switch to switch connections here.

some phones will cause this as well. the older Aastra phones always showed high latency even when they were working perfectly

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They are old Aastra phones! Great call.