High Availability

I’ve searched througth internet but, is there an high availability configuration for freepbx 16??
Thanks in advance.

Hello, I won’t tell you exactly, but in combat mode i use stable and there are no bugs yet

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And what is combat mode?

I have never heard about Combat mode ?

It was HA module and ended at FreePBX13

You can check Warm-Spare @danielepell

and Wiki

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That is real time on premise servers, not test or test vm!

As mentioned, no longer supported.

Consider alternatives if this is a critical function.


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Non of these solutions mentioned are true HA.

You can use FreePBX warm spare to accomplish the same.

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Thanks a lot guys!
Warm spare function triggers automatically when primary falls or i have to switch manually??
And then, 2 two servers 1 license or i need of 2 licenses??
Business continuity is a must requirement :smile:
I didn’t know of Vitalpbx, i’ll try on a lab.

@danielepell Hi, For WarmSpare you have to have 2 FreePBX Zend id’s for activation. After you have installation you have to contact with Sangoma Support to make Master server Zend ID and licence to run at 2nd FreePBX server. After that All Commercial license will work both Server.

That clears nothing up.

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