High Availability Module

Hello i have a question i was looking at the High Availability are of running two Freepbx servers and I have a few Questions. First is it possible to do something like this without paying that high of a price? Reason why I’m asking is not because I’m trying to get out from not paying it is because I do not have that type of money to do something like this right now. Sense i have two freepbx servers one in one location and the other in a second location. Is there a simple way of switching from the first server and going to the second server if the first one fails?

The other question is I’m running a Cisco9971 Phone 2 of them in the network settings Where you put in your Freepbx IP address to grab the Template settings to set the phone up. I saw there is a secondary IP that can be entered. Can this be used if the first one fails?

If true HA is not needed, you can get a decent setup using this method:

Many phones have the ability to backup register to a second SIP server.

Hello The Cisco9971 phone haves to areas in the network settings for TFTP Servers.

TFTP Server 1
TFTP Server 2

i didn’t know if i can put two of them in there. from a different network address??