Hiding Softkeys Aastra 6867

I have a bunch of Aastra 6867i phones. I am working on configuring them. I would like to be able to hide unused softkeys from the display. I can’t seem to figure out how to make them disappear. Anyone know how to do this or is it even possible?

It’s totally possible using the EndPoint Manager.
After you have added the brand “Aastra”, create a template… add your 6867i as an available phone… then click on 6867i to configure the buttons. From there you can config all the softkeys (bottom horizontal) and top soft keys (left vertical).


I should of stated that I am using the Commercial EPM. I have it all built out. but I can not make unused softkeys not show up on the phones display. They show up blank with no label.

I think the softkeys always have a placeholder… but you could try setting the softkey type to none instead of empty, and see if that works.

I tried that already. I went thru all the options in EPM for the softkeys trying to make them disappear. None and Empty provide the same result. I am thinking you are right that they will always be place holders there.