Hide Mailbox from outside users who press #

I am using FreePBX with all the modules up to date. I have a CEO who does not want calls directly and does not have a mailbox. Pressing # therefore does not list him. The President does have a mailbox but does not want to be listed by pressing #. I have tried placing hidefromdir=yes in voicemail.conf but it does not work. Since this system is still under developement I have some time to try anything including blowing away this install and try another. The current system (don’t laugh too hard, TeleVantage) has a simple check box to omit from the phone directory. This not only works for extensions with voice mail but those without. (Why list a fax machine?). I must be missing something simple, for as powerful as this system is, it should be able to do a simple ignore for directory.

see ticket #3114

Link did not help, for I got:

Not Found
No handler matched request to /ticket/

I take that since a ticket was issued, and unfortunitely I can not read the ticket information, is either a bug or something that was never thought of. Which means I am searching for information that does not exist. I guess the workaround would be populating the (411) directory with only the staff and leaving out the CEO, President, executives, conference rooms, and fax machines.

Google search found the Ticket, site search did not. I am glad some excellent people are looking into this. I am sure others could benefit. I do like the idea of the check box in the extensions module, that would make it real easy. Thank you for the reference.