Hide Extension Caller id

hello .

i have issue , i want to hide my extension number .

for example : when i will call to other extension .

there will be : no caller id , or unknown on their display.

how can do this ?

Set your extension caller ID to whatever you want.

Obvious stupid question - why do you want to do something crazy like this?

OK - that escalated fast.

So, to reanswer your question - in your SIP Extensions settings, you can set your extension caller ID.

Your SIP extension can actually be anything you’d like - FreePBX implements a numeric only scheme, but many SIP interfaces can, in fact, be alphanumeric.

this moment i have Freepbx, so alphanumeric extensions can not use.

in freepbx you can set user extension number and display name …

imagine : i have sip user extension : 100 and display name : west

you have " sip user extension : 200 and display name : east

normal : when i will call to you . will be shown : calling " west 100 "

so i want shown : no caller id . …unknown "or something that you could not can call back to me

The problem statement is that you don’t want people on your system to be able to call each other back or you specifically?

Under the “Extension” definition for your extensions, you can set the Caller ID to “Unknown <000>” and the Caller ID. Note that this is different than the Extension Number, which is always set.

The problem with the entire approach is that the system works hard to set and display proper Caller ID. The Caller ID is set in several places based on contextual clues, some of which are maintained in the phone itself (in the case of Cisco SPA phones, for example). Others places where the CID gets set include Trunk definitions, Route Definitions, and other external locations. So, if “east” and “west” are on different servers, the intracompany route set up between them could override the CID you set in the extension and display the trunk definition.

The other problem with the approach is that information about the last call (*69) is maintained by the system so if the person did receive a call with no Caller ID information, they could still get the last caller’s number and time of call.

I don’t think there’s a bullet-proof way to do what you are looking to do. All calls are maintained in the CDR records, so if someone in the organization complained to management, whatever it is you want to do that is “untraceable” is clearly going to end up traceable.

If you want to keep extensions from calling each other, you’ll need to use a custom-context that limits what local calls can be made to whom.