Hide Caller ID

I have a ring group (pre-Qual) that answers incoming calls and then transfers to another ring group (Qual) after the caller has been qualified.

When the call is transferred from pre-Qual to Qual I need to be able to hide the Caller id info to prevent sales people from being picky… When the pre-Qual team transfers their name & extension is being displayed. I want to display the (pre-Qual) ring group number.

I hope this makes sense. I have looked in the PBX settings and can’t seem to find where to make this change. Any help is appreciated.


Send it to the callerID module then send it to the ring group.

FreePBX dial plan is a chain of events.

Thank You I will look into that.

So I installed the module and it appears to not be working, I am using PBX 2.8.1.

When I change the CalledID Name and CallerID Number nothing is changing. It is still showing the callers name an extension in the display. Does this only work for Incoming Calls?

Should I be using a different module? I trying to hide a user’s name and extension when they transfer a call to a ring group.