Hide Announcements in UCP

Hey Guys!

Loving the new UCP, thanks for all the hard work.

One thing that’s got me boggled, is in relation to the controls in the Settings tab. We’re looking to prevent UCP users from seeing the full list of system recordings in the Announcement drop downs.

Any suggestions as to how we might achieve this?

Thanks in advance.


There’s no way to do this at the current time. You can file a feature request of you’d like

Thanks for the reply Andrew,

I figured that may be the case.

As a fallback, is there any way to disable the follow me settings in the UCP altogether?

We could definately make that an option per account as that’s more doable. You could remove the whole settings area too if you wanted since DND is usually done on a phone basis and call waiting doesn’t make sense to turn off. You can disable them all as a group if you unclick “settings” in user manager.

Got it!

Thanks Andrew, much appreciated.

I’ve filed a feature request also.

You rock!

Thanks Andrew,

Will do. Feeling that would it be possible to disable the follow me options all together in the UCP?


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