Hi, very silly question

Hi, how do you find the IP address of your system once installed? I think mine has for reasons best know only to it’self to become dynamic IP. So I can’t find it from the web browser.
I can get into Root localhost login, but I am lost from that point.
Can someone help please?

                             Thank you

type cat /etc/issue – it will show you the address which will direct you to access the server. you should need a static ip for that.

Hi, it just comes up with password again. Put the password in and it says incorrect password. Maybe I need to re-install, as somethings got screwed up?

Can you attach a monitor and keyboard to the system and log in as root? Once logged in use the command ifconfig to see your IP interfaces?

If you can’t attach a monitor and keyboard (for whatever reason), as suggested above, but rather have access to the local DHCP server - view the log of DHCP clients to see what addresses have been issued. If you’re on a small network with a few clients then it should not be to difficult to see which IP has been allocated to your box (if it is indeed using DHCP).