Hi problem with incoming calls from trunk!1

Hi, new to freepbx so dont mind

i have an account from a VoIP provider, the problem is that incoming calls are not coming to my Asterisk server and then to my local extension…

i am writing all the steps i have done for incoming calls

1- i have purchase a DID from a Voip company let 121212123

they provided me a username let


and when any call to my DID there is a IVR playing from my host server

so know what i am doing i have my own local Asterisk server (trixbox)

frist i have made 2 extensions let

1 = 5555
2= 5556

then know i made Trunk for outgoing and incoming calls

so the trunk information is


trunk name = abc



user context: what should i have to write here i am writing my username here


now then i set the outbound route

thats working fine for outgoing calls

now i set the inbound route

DID number is : i write here the username or i can set it to any DID

then set an extensions against it let 5555

now when i am dailing for any outside number working fine but
when i dail to that DID from other number after 4 or 5 bells voice propmt " check the number and dail again"
and no IVR was played that was set by my provider…
some time it played but after next time it is not

so please help me in this problem
if i missed any thing then you can ask me



You will get the answer to your problem. More than likely your provider is treating you as an extension, not a peer, so your incoming settings are being ignored. If that’s the case, you may need to move your context statement from the USER details to the PEER details section, as this page indicates.

Of course, if you don’t even have a context= statement to begin with, that’s your first problem. You must have something like context=from-trunk in the USER settings (if your provider is treating you as a peer), With no context= statement, the call has no place to go. Look at this page to see some working provider configurations and note how they differ from yours:


Hi, Those links are broken

Could anyone help with this exactly same issue please?

It look like Rob closed the site http://aussievoip.com/