Hi ,can anyone help me please ,i want to add custom port 7060 after my domin

i am new user of freePBX i am from pakistan and selling Voip to Callcenters , i want to know that how to add a custom port with my domin, i want to add port :7060 after my domin because in pakistan most of internet costumers have low speed inter net the domin lik did not rigester on that slow speed internet connections but i have experianced that have costum port after domin can make Voip regester on softphone or Voip soft phones if we have or 7000 then we can regester on slow speed internet easyly please guide me ,your replies are very important for me ,

Thanks & regards

If you are selling the service I suggest you do your homework.

Read up on the Asterisk SIP configuration and make your changes in our SIP settings module. Asterisk will only listen on one port.

thanks for your reply … can you please send me any link from which i can get that kind of knowledge i am very intrusted to learn every thing about VOIP/SIP i have got a Asterisk server on rent with A2billing but dont know how to use … lol how dumb i am.but i hope you guyz will help me ,

thanks & regards

i am not selling voip from my own panal i am a reseller of a local provider and i have good traffic of callcenters in pakistan for reselling voip i am using portra billing reseller panal giver by the provider its fully customized and user friendly thats why its very easy for me ,but from few days he is keep increasing rates and my costumers are complaining me for that matter every some of them left just because hi high rates . and i dont want to let my all costumers go . thats why i am working to make my own server so that i have no fear to lose my costumers , i dont want much money but i just want my costumers to think good about me .