HEP capture agent

Can anyone help me out with HOMER’s capture agent.

I have the HOME server install and I thinks its working. Now I want to get the capture agent working. From what I have read the hep capture agent is part of Asterisk version 12, but on my 10.13.66-13 distro I don’t see the config files

How do you install the Captagent?

Just curious if you got this running. I just started looking into sipcapture and also got my HOMER server setup, I just need to install the capture agent, but then I realized I’m still running mostly CHAN_SIP instead of PJSIP like what is required.

(also realized you have to be running Asterisk 12 or greater to see res_hep.so, res_hep_pjsip.so, and res_hep_rtcp.so Asterisk modules)