HELPPP! 3G network!

Hello guys . Im a little bit new with voip please I ask your help!
I´ve read a lot =/.
I can only make calls using wifi to extensions , but when i try to use the 3g Network , it goes with the famous one way audio.

Please help me to solve this =´[, my mind is about to blow.

Thanks in advance.

You might want to try a stun service on your 3g Clients, but many providers will still “mess with” sip connections.

You have read about all of the problems other people have had and you think that there is some secret that has not been shared.

That’s funny.

You also did not tell us anything about your configuration so very hard to make any suggestions.

4g still suffers from latency. 3G is unusable.

Sorry If i was not very clear.

As I sad Skykingoh I’m new here.

Im using the freepbx image with Asterisk 11 , the configuration I think it´s Ok, because i can do calls using the wifi.

The one way audio just happens with 3g network.

I´ve read about Ice support and stun servers, but Im new with these , i do’t know what is better do to and what stun server are good to use.

I´m using ILBC Codec , I know that G729 is better , but most of the clients it´s a paid codec.

Thanks for helping =] .


Do you got some providers that doesn’t mess with sip ? lol

thanks =]

I am not really helping I am setting your expectations.

I don’t understand with what being new has to do with communicating clearly and in and organized manner. Perhaps these are skills that are not valued outside of this community?

You still have not told us anything. Not that it matters because it is never going to work well.

My points

    • If you want more reasons why it won’t work tell us about the network the FreePBX is installed in and what kind of connectivity it has to Internet along with brand and config of router
    • Region and mobile provider(s)
    • Mobile handset type and OS.
    • Version of mobile SIP client
  1. It’s installed in a Xeon server as main S.O the last Asterisk 11 iso with Freepbx, not a virtual one.
    using a dynamic connection 10MB down/2 mb up. The router is a simple router Tplink, and its forwards all ports to the voip server.

  2. Brazil - Vivo provider.

  3. Android - Csip

  4. the last version

I tried to enable IceSupport in the Freepbx and Csip and it worked to call using 3g with ILBC to a computer in wifi.
I had a little lose of voice somethings but it worked, I going to get another 3g connection to test call to another phone in 3g.

Do you have any suggest to me with what I did, if it was correct .

Thanks :slight_smile:

Well having the server wide open to Internet is inviting an attack.

Sounds like you did everything right.

I think the delay and latency in 3G will never deliver a satisfactory experience for a techie let alone a user that is not into the technology.