Helpdesk caller display screens

Hi, We are looking to use FreePBX to replace an old existing telephone system but we run a helpdesk or sorts. What we would like is to have are screens on the walls that show number of calls received, in queues average hold time etc. I presume this is some kind of call center module but i’m not sure what items we need.

Total number of extensions would only be around 40, with around 12 extensions assigned to the helpdesk. The ability to run more in depth reports would also be very useful.

Can anyone point me in the right direction please.

I would check out FOP2.

Hi, Thanks for the message, i can see why you would recommend it and as a console for a manager or something i think it would work well.

What i’m after is something like this - 3CX Wallboard

Basically a big display, easy to see and acts as a graphical version of what happening call wise in real time.


Glad to assist. I only use the free version of FOP2 but I believe they may have some plugins that could accomplish what your looking for. Check out maybe whiteboard plugin? Also please note I am in no way affiliated in any way to fop2. I’m sure there are many other alternatives. :slight_smile:

you might look at using isymphony. you can display in real time, queues, whose logged in, conference calls, voicemail, etc.

There used to be a QueueMetrics commercial module that handled most of that in the form of reports. It didn’t do any kind of dashboard, though, as I recall.

The problem is that different people need different things from the system, so this might be a project that you want to hire someone to build.

For the reports, you may checkout asternic call center stats 2. For the price it looks pretty competitive.

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