Help woith Building Integration with FreePBX via the API/GraphQL

Hi there,

I am looking for some help to build some integration with my FreePBX installation via api’s / graphql. I want to be able to:

  • set up inbound routes
  • create time conditions
  • set up Announcements
  • Set up misc destinations
  • configure extensions

We are currently doing this manually and it is quite laborious and need to build a backend process that does all these steps on the back end. I am looking for a consultant that we can work with on this project.

Many thanks


For most part the documentation is enough for a starting point. I am not expert but I have managed some basic functionality for initial setup of PBX (still on testing) using Insomnia Client.

Not everything is done yet

If the setup is the same every time you could do a backup and restore. You can even backup and restore individual modules.

Thank you!

So I search for Time Conditions and Announcements and neither of these where there. Does that mean that the ability to create these is not available via the api / graphQL?



Hi there and thank you!
I don’t quite understand what you mean
do you mind going into a little more detail as to what you are suggesting
Many thanks

Thank you!

Correct, or at least, it’s not been documented yet.

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