Help with Voicemail to email

FreePBX distro
PBX Firmware: 3.211.63-10
PBX Service Pack:

So sometime Monday, my /etc/hosts file got corrupt and I hadn’t noticed it. I’d been having odd issues since then, including voicemail no longer working. Currently it’s configured to email voicemails to users and delete them from the server for most of our extensions. So during this “blackout” period, voicemails were not saved but were also not emailed out. After discovering my identity issue (and not being able to ping localhost), I fixed the first line in /etc/hosts which restored Voicemail functionality for new voicemails. I’m wondering if the old ones were stored in any sort of spool since they weren’t sending out or if they’re lost forever. I looked in /var/spool/mail and /var/spool/postfix but didn’t see anything in there.