Help with TPG Bizphone Configuration

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So, short story I’m not very familiar with the Asterisk System at all…
However decided it would be a good idea to implement an instance of it because it cant be that hard right…
After numerous amount of trawling around for information and setups and others having similar instances I’m still not quite able to get it configured, so thought id turn to the experts… please help…

Firstly I’m unsure if the trunk should be setup in either Chan_sip or Chan_pjsip…
Currently I have it configured in Pjsip, and I believe its trying to authenticate however getting the error below.

WARNING[11630] res_pjsip_outbound_registration.c: Temporal response ‘604’ received from ‘’ on registration attempt to ‘sip:[email protected]’, retrying in ‘60’

Any help would be greatly appreciated…
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PJ-SIP, unless you have a very specific reason for not. Chan-SIP is deprecated, and newer versions of the FreePBX system don’t include it in the base distro.

IIRC, this means that there is a temporary error, but the 604 error specifically means that you don’t have a valid user ID for that service. Double check your authentication information, including making sure you are supposed to be using username authentication instead of the “common” IP authentication.

Thanks Dave,

I think the reason for username auth instead of IP authentication is because its running over our Internet service rather than its own separate service… i will go back to them and double check our information is correct.

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