Help with Text to Speech module

Hi, I’m new to FreePBX. I installed the FreePBX distro, that comes with FreePBX and Asterisk 10. I installed the Text To Speech Engines modules (version from the Modules Admin page. It looks like it is installed correctly, as I do have a new Text to Speech Engines page in the Settings menu, from which I can see that there is already and engine configured (flite).

My problem is that I don’t know what to do next… How can I use a TTS engine for eg. an IVR? Or an announcement? Or even a System Recording? I don’t see any TTS-related item anywhere, apart from the Text to Speech Engines page of the Settings menu. Am I missing something obvious?

I have got the same problem , nobody for an answer ?

TTS Engines allows you to configure additional TTS Engines for use with certain modules. If you look in module admin you can load “Text To Speech” by Schmooze that will give you an option to type in text to be spoken by the TTS Engine, which can then be used as a destination on your system.

Other Commercial modules such as Appointment Reminders require the TTS Engine for selecting the engine use when placing calls.

If you are looking for voice recognition for IVR’s and Directories you would look for speech recognition, not TTS. Look at IVR Pro, Directory Pro and Lumenvox licenses for that functionality.

I think you installed the commercial Text to Speech Engine. This is a paid module so it will not work if you don’t purchase a license.

TTS Engines is free, but Appointment Reminders is not… TTS Engines will work and is a requirement for the Free “Text to Speech” module.

Thanks for your reply. I don’t see the “Text to Speech” module you mention in the modules admin page, even after clicking Check Online. I have all 4 repositories enabled (Basic, Extended, Unsupported, Commercial). Is there something special to do to see this module? Or should it be manually uploaded?

It should be listed under APPLICATIONS… however it may only be available in FreePBX 2.11 as 2.10 is not getting any new features.