Help with switching x86 to 64 bit versions

There is no longer a 32 bit version of Dell Open Manage Software for RH/Centos and I need to change to 64 bit freepbx so I can manage the server hardware and raid configuration remotely.

I am running 5.211.65-16 in 32 bit on a production machine at our small midsize business (25 Extensions) on a Dell PE 1950 server. It has been in service and with versions upgraded periodically for the last two years. After the last full restore (after a power failure) I lost Dell OMSA since there is no 32 bit version anymore.

I have setup a second identical server running 64 bit freepbx of the same version 5.211.65-16 (I will upgrade to -19 after-hours to fix the security issue)

I would like to restore to the 64 setup with a backup from the 32 machine but the only posts relating to this are older and I do not know if they still apply. There was something about lib & lib64 files???

I am a very limited linux user but I can work with the CLI and nano and such.

Does anybody have the steps required to change over if this is still an issue, or does freepbx restore normally 32 to 64??

I recently fixed (hopefully!) the restore process. Doing a full backup on a 32 and restoring to a 64 bit should now work.

Don’t forget you’ll need to do a full module upgrade again on the 64 bit machine.

Basically, make sure you’re running the latest backup+restore module before you do any backups or restores. 8)

Thanks xrobau. This is why I love freePBX!

I did backup/restore from 32bit to 64bit FreePBX

Both were first updated to version 5.211.65-19

I had to change “lib” to “lib64” in the following line in asterisk.conf:
astmoddir => /usr/lib/asterisk/modules

I had to change CDR password in /etc/asterisk/cdr_mysql.conf to match /etc/freepbx.conf

Since I had both machines on same lan (different subnet), I had to change the IP of the restored machine while shutting down the old machine. I had to do this at the command line since it did not seem to take effect when doing it in the web admin.

After a few reboots and editing eth0, the network settings finally stuck (it defaulted back the the original ip twice) and all appears to be working.

Did I forget anything?

Aaaaah. Poot. The changes in Backup and Restore are only in 12. 11 is in feature freeze, so nothing is there apart from bugfixes now.

Yes, that was exactly correct. Sorry about that, after spending so long in 12, I forget people are still using 11 :sunglasses: