Help with stange extension routing

I have a bazaar request from a user;

When a call goes to an extension, what they would like to do is if that user is on the phone (line busy) go to voice mail. But if the user fails to answer the call it needs to get diverted to another extension.

If I set up a “Follow Me” on the extension, will FreePbx send the call to voicemail if busy or to the extension divert?

Any help with this would be great!

Thanks in advance

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there is lots of options for Follow Me setup, check it out, I think if you set ‘Initial Ring Time’ to some number in that drop down menu (I suppose those would be seconds) then the extension will ring and if it is not picked up then it will divert the call to that ‘followme’ extension that you setup further down…

I assume if initally the first extension is busy talking, then it might go to voicemal for that extension if that’s how the extension is setup in the first place

but if its not busy and rings for set number of seconds, then it will fall back on the followme extension - it is only when you leave the Initial Ring Time set to default zero that the call will immediately go to the followme extension