Help with Polycom VVX BLF Call Pickup

We are a Yealink shop. We recently won a Polycom customer who kept their Polycom VVX600 phones. We are using FreePBX v13 with EPM (shout out to the EPM guys - it is very very good). The only issue that we can’t seem to tackle is how to setup call pickup when a monitored BLF is flashing. Yealink just works (it acknowledges the ** pickup code). With the vvx600, a monitored extension’s BLF is flashing, indicating an incoming on that extension. The users then touches that BLF on his phone, but it calls that ringing extension, rather than picking up the inbound call that was coming to that extension.

I am hoping a Polycom shop can give some direction to us.

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I am observing same behavior as well, were you able to figure out how to make it work?

Which BLF mode did you select?

Hi Jon,
Thanks for the reply. I am using Asterisk RLS to populate those line keys.
When I look at the Line Key Configuration (Utilities -> Line Key Configuration) it says Type is “Normal”.

In the Polycom config, what BLF mode are you using? There are two modes, one includes doing Call Pickup. That would be BLF+Transfer in the EPM.

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