Help with phone registration with new PBX

Just recently replaced an old PBX at one of the offices that I support. The phones were previously registering via chan sip but for the new PBX I opted to set them up as PJSIP. I also created new secret passwords instead of using the pre supplied secret password within the PBX admin portal. I knew something weird was happening when I went to Reports > Asterisk Info > Peers; and noticed that some of the phones were registering but others were not. Ideally I was thinking that none of the phones should be registering as I changed them to PJSIP as well as changed the secret password. I logged into a phone that was showing as registered and changed the password to what I had set on the PBX system and also changed the port from 5060 to 5160 for PJSIP. Immediately upon doing that - the phone went from registered to registered failed.

I’m drawing a blank here on what the issue could be and how some of these phones are even registering to begin with. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Appliance: Clearly IP 710
Phones: Yealink T42g

edit: I changed the extension back to SIP on the PBX server and changed the port on the phone gui to 5060 - no change. device still doesn’t register.

Try asking them.

I would but I don’t believe this issue to be hardware related. I am running FreePBX version

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The problem is you have no idea what you are doing and didn’t post anything close to useful information.


Take it easy there bud. I’ve registered plenty of phones which is why I find it strange these phones are having issues registering. I am not running a customized instance of FreePBX, I did a fresh install.

Update: I was able to get the phones to register, just not like how I wanted or usually perform this process. The phones are setup at PJSIP on the FreePBX system. Typically in the past, I have PJSIP phones register using port 5160 but as previously stated when I set them to 5160 they would fail to register. I left the phones setup as PJSIP on the FreePBX system but on the phone portal instead of registering to port 5160 (CHAN_PJSIP) I set them to port 5060 (CHAN_SIP) and they registered right away.

Looks like Jared Busch woke up on the wrong side of the bed this week. Anyways folks - I figured out what the issue was and it had nothing to do with the ClearlyIP hardware I am using.

Under Settings > Asterisk SIP Settings > SIP Legacy Settings - I had the bind port set to 5060 as well as the TLS bind port set to 5060. I changed the TLS bind port to 5160. For the SIP Settings [chan_pjsip] I changed the Port to Listen On from 5060 to 5160.

Not quite sure how I missed these settings but if anyone runs into a similar issue this was the fix!

I hope Jared turns his frown upside down :slight_smile:

So you have the ports set as follows?

chan_sip: UDP/5060, TLS/5160
pjsip: UDP/5160

Definitely wouldn’t recommend this as a “fix” for anything. This port arrangement is confusing. Are you actually using chan_sip? are you using TLS?

Ideally, use only PJSIP. Disable the chan_sip driver and have your phones and trunks configured with PJSIP.

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Thank you for the info Billsimon! Previously we were using chan_sip but with this new system I’d like the phones to use chan_pjsip. I have disabled chan_sip as you recommended.

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