Help with PE 1950 perc 5/i install FreePBX distro 1.1007.210.58

I am running FreePBX on a P4 generic box right now. I have a few Poweredge 1950’s available but I cannot get the Freepbx distro/Centos install to load megaraid driver. Does anybody know any tips or tricks? I have seen many posts with users running PE 1950, 2950 set ups, but none about raid driver.

After set up, does anybody have tips on installing Open Manage as well?

I have been running Freepbx for about three months now at two locations but I have limited knowledge of Linux and mostly rely on web GUI.


First I would attempt the install with the latest ISO which has Centso 6.2 which has much more support for hardware raid cards.

Centos 6 should support the Perc cards pretty much out of the box as far as I know. What happens when you try to install on those services. Do you see no disks or do you see multiple non-RAIDed disks?

Thanks for both of the quick replys. I was going to use the same distro as the other box so I had no problems moving config backups. Should I have any problems using config backup as long as i have all same modules and updates? (like making sure that endpoint is installed first on new machine)

I will try current distro and see how that does (downloading now).


It loads the megaraid driver and then asks for a raid driver. i tried to figure out how to load the driver via usb but i dont know how. I will try newest distro.

Got it installed. I wasn’t sure if i initialized the disks. So I initialized them. I also had the network cable unplugged. Oops.

I couldn’t get Dell Open Manage to install on Centos 6.2 so I reinstalled 1.1007.210.58

It is running the exact same release as my in-service system. Once I mount in the rack, I can restore settings to new machine.

Open Manage is sweet BTW. can take drives offline, swap and rebuild… all from web interface on port 1311.I just have to figure out email alerts like i have on my windows server with open manage. The 1950 has dual Power Supply, Dual NIC, Dual HDD (RAID-1) and 16GB of RAM! with only 25 extensions, I can’t see this thing using more than 0.5% of its resources. I paid $189 each on ebay for a bunch of these servers. Freepbx on this is overkill but i have redundancy galore.

Excellent! Sounds like a great configuration.