Help with outgoing calls


I am having trouble getting FreePBX to dial out via a newly created SIP trunk. I have successfully managed to get inbound calls routing correctly into my PBX using a voipfone sip trunk yet I can’t get outbound working through this trunk. Whenever I try and make an outbound call I get the “Cannot-complete-as dialled.ulaw” error in the console debug view.

I have configured the trunk and an outbound rule but it’s not reaching beyond the PBX as my provider has run a trace on the number. I have set a match pattern on both the trunk and the outbound route yet still no dice. I have also tried various match patterns to try and catch all but to no avail.

Can anyone point me on the right direction?

UPDATE: I have changed the pattern match to “0.” and no longer get the invalid number error message, however there is no sound at all. So i am looking at a fresh issue…

Dealing with them one at a time!!

Please provide complete information on your setup. You provided insufficient info,

No audio is a NAT issue.

Cheers for the reply…

As it turns out it was a X-Lite 4 issue in the end, I reprogrammed a deskphone and it all worked perfectly. Long term though I would like to be able to get X-Lite working (or some other free softphone)…

Regards Drac