Help with outbound routes

hi everybody: i’m struggling with outbound routes. i can’t seem to get it to work the way i want it to. here’s how we have the system set up:

four main lines from the cable provider connected to a grandstream fxo gateway (lines 1-4)

two magicjack lines used for follow-me and outdialing from the system only. also connected to the grandstream as lines 5 & 6.

my users can use any one of the four outgoing main lines to make calls, but i want them to access those lines in a specific order (line 2, line 1, line 3 and line 4). this route should be able to dial any number (including emergency), so the route should be simple.

for the two lines used for follow-me and outdialing, i want to make sure that when the system needs to outdial, that it only uses these two lines … the other four are not available to the system for outdialing.

I’ve tried literally 100 different combinations to get this to work, and I’ve come up empty thus far. rather than posting all the combinations I’ve tried, would someone be willing to just list out in plain English what i need to put into the outbound routes to accomplish what i want?

do i need to modify any dialing patterns in the trunk setup so that it works in cooperation with the outbound routes?

i really appreciate the help!

Well maybe the 101th will work.

Try creating a trunk for each channel and putting them in the hunt order of your route.

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