Help with logging issue

I may be missing something, but I have Googled this and not found anything.

I have a default FreePBXDistro install (3 weeks old) with the only change being the addition of the Aastra XML scripts (as described on The Asterisk version is

In /var/log/asterisk/full, all messages start with the expected date…

[2012-04-25 23:17:00] VERBOSE[-1] pbx.c: -
[2012-04-25 23:17:00] NOTICE[-1] pbx_spool.c:
[2012-04-25 23:17:00] VERBOSE[-1] pbx.c: ==
[2012-04-25 23:18:00] VERBOSE[-1] pbx_spool.c:

The issue is that I need to trace a few calls to track down an issue and the thread id is -1 instead of a usable value.

Is there something I could have done wrong or need to configure? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.