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I have freepbx 14 with 4 POTS (from ATT) and i have setup the dahdi and the inbound and outbound for all 4 POTS and I have been experiencing this issue when two user are on the phone concurrently if another call comes in it doesn’t ring any extension (i forgot to mention that all the extensions are setup in one ring group) but if two users are taking a call concurrently two more users can make an outgoing call without a problem. my question is why i can’t take more than two calls concurrently but i can make two more calls? How can i resolve the issue and be able to receive up to four calls at the same time? I’m using Sangoma A200 with 6 fxo. I’m new to freepbx in my previous jobs I had worked with avaya IP Office

Hi sir,

Do you know if the call hits the PBX at all? You can find out by looking at the logs, explained here:
If you see the call hitting the PBX during that failed call, it should tell you why it’s not ringing.
You can post the logs here and we can help you understand it.

If if does not hit the PBX, can you post screenshots of the A200 configuration?

How many extensions do you have in the ring group, and is call waiting enabled for these?

First, how do you have your POTS setup with ATT? Do they have these setup as individual lines (one DID to one line) or do they have you setup in a “Hunt/Roll Over” group so that calling a DID hits line 1, then line 2, etc.

Knowing how the calls are actually being sent can help figure out what is happening with calls 3 and 4.

no one is in the office today, I will replicate it and capture the logs as soon as someone opens the office for me. Thanks

ATT has it setup as Hunt/Roll Over. I also have a question with most pbx’s that i’m familiar with if you have 4 POTS then you can have up to 4 concurrent, is that the same way with freepbx?


OK. Do all the DIDs for these POTS line ring each line itself? Or do all DIDs always end up at the “lead” POTS line?

In other words, do you have a way to call POTS 3 and 4 directly to see if the calls are even hitting the PBX in general. If they are but you can never get past POTS 2 in the Hunt, then ATT has screwed up the hunt.

So the simplest test, if possible, call the phone number that hits POTS 3.

i was able to ssh through another server that i have the ssh port one on and called all four DIDs and I was able to see the call come on DAHDI port and rings all exertions for all four of them.

I called all four DIDs and I was able to see them hit the pbx and the call comes on DAHDI port and rings all exertions for all four POTS. Does that mean ATT has the hunt setup wrong?

Yes. If you called each POTS line individually and the PBX is sending all the calls to the same Ring Group then the hunt is screwed up when it needs to roll over to a 3rd line.

You’ll need to talk to ATT about this. It’s not uncommon for this to happen. I’ve seen it numerous times in the past.

That would sure point to the 2 nonworking ports not being part of your main hunt group with your carrier.

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