Help with ip doorphone issue

My Hikvision KD8003-IME1 doorphone works fine in SIP mode when calling an extension or a ring group (audio OK, DTMF door opening ok).
But when the ring group has announce enabled, the recording is played by doorphone for just a moment then truncated.
The same if doorphone called extension is a MiscApplication pointing to a system recording.
All is of course fine if I call that group or that MiscApplication from a regular IP phone.
It would be interesting, at least, to know if issue is related to doorphone itself rather than doorphone-pbx communication.
I changed codecs with no luck.
Sip trace shows the regular behavior to played message, as well as the IP phone trace.

Any hint in troubleshooting ?

Just a guess, but check if doorphone is not calling other destination (either SIP or using proprietary protocol) same time, capture traffic directly near the doorphone.

Doorphone (using standard SIP) calls MiscApplication no. pointing to system recording, just for test purpose. The audio starts correctly and suddenly stops.

When pointing to Ring Group with announcement enabled , the message is still truncated , anyway the call reaches called party, that answer with no audio issue.

Further test: I set doorphone pointing to a queue, same issue: MoH is played and immediately truncated, meanwhile queue agents are ringing.

Well …
As I supposed it was a doorphone firmware issue.
A firmware update solved this but created a new one :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Now messages and answers are ok but call progress tone disappeared.
Despite this is not the place for third party devices issue, I would like to know (in SIP protocol terms) what prevents the CP tone to be heard, and see if a parameter in extension advanced settings/sip setting is of any help.

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