Help with incoming calls using FreePBX

Hi, I am new to this software, so I need a some help with it. I currently have the system setup and good to go but there is a small problem. My boss wants me to make only the reception phone to ring and after that everything to be redirected to the other phones in the office. So that the receptionist send the call to the right place. And I have set up the Inbound Routes the number is set everything is working, but in the end when I chose the extension for a destination for the number and the extension number, but nothing happens. And I have no Idea of how to modify it so that it could work as it is supposed to.

I have no clue as to what your problem is. You need to tell us more abounding your setup.

I didn’t install nor setup the system… Another guy did. So, my question is how to be able to set up everything create ext. manage phone everything… lets say something like a kickstart or something like that.