Help with Inclement weather recordings

I am new to the site and need help working out details on how to set up an inclement weather policy at work. I want to be able to call from an external phone and switch out IVR recordings. I would love to be able to just call in and dial a * code to make this work with a password option at best. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

So many ways you could go…

The first (and most obvious) would be a web page that sets this stuff up for you (password protected, of course). Write a little custom PHP code and off you go. If you do this with UCP, you can establish a user like “Jack Frost” that has the power to mark the main number as “Do Not Disturb” or “Call Forward” to the Front Line.

The second would be to set up a custom context. Connect this to your system through the various “custom-*” options. Dial in to a direct dial extension and work the buttons just like you were at the office.

Switching out the recordings is actually the hardest way to do this - a simpler way would be to set up an alternate IVR that does what you want it to do.

Once you have that set, the next step would be to set your incoming line to go to that IVR. Your options here are pretty wild. You could set the main number for Call Forward everything to the new IVR. You can accomplish this through * codes, a special dial-in numbers, a hidden IVR setting. etc.

There are lots of ways to accomplish this. The challenge is trying to figure one out that makes sense to you and your management.

In system recordings for your IVR recording:

In your IVR:

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