Help With Inbound routes

Hi all,

I’m sort of new to freepbx and am attempting to do some sort of complicated stuff. Here is my current setup and i’m hoping that you can give me some guidance.

I have running just fine with extensions able to call out via my SIP trunk and inbound DID will ring which ever destination i have set it to.

I also have a third party automated operator software that runs on a separate box, that is able to connect calls to extensions and external numbers based on the settings we tell it. However occasionally its trunk fails to register which is another thing i’m working on.

Currently our main number is routed to the automated opperator via an inbound route. So when the trunk fails to register we get an “All circuits are busy” and no phone calls…

I’d like to be able to setup the inbound route to sort of “hunt group” with inbound calls but to misc destinations instead of extensions. I tried to accomplish this by setting up extensions that are never registered and setting the unreachable destination to the misc destination. However the ring group appears to disregard that option and ignores the extension if it is not registered.

Can anyone provide me some guidance on how to accomplish my goal?


1st of all, what “third party automated operator software” ? Also, why have the 3rd party box at all ? What is it doing that would not be easier to do with FreePBX ?

I will eventually replace the third box wwith freepbx but that will take some more time to develop all of the automated routing and things that the third box is doing.

The third box is doing a small amount of ACD through an Avaya app. Which has become too expensive to maintain.

SO ultimately our hope is to replace that third box with the freepbx system as we are able to migrate the setup into it.

This is an interim solution that will not be a long term fix.


How about creating a Queue where the Static Agents Extension List goes to your OperatorBox followed by the other destinations. You’re calling them misc. destinations but any phone number can be an extension even if it’s not on your box. Just enter the number followed by the # sign. Remember to include any prefix needed for your system trunk. The Ring Strategy would then attempt your operatorbox first, and if it failed it would proceed to the next extension or Misc. Destination