Help with FreePBX on Elastix FXO and PSTN trunks - UK User

I am new to Linux and new to FreePBX so please bear with me if I sound a little dim…
I have a new installation on a Xorcom chssis with Elastix 1.5.2-2 and unembeded Freepbx configured with an 8 port FXO card.
I have configured this as per the Elastix without tears guide but cannot get outbound calls to go through. Incoming calls work fine, and internal calls work fine. When I dial an external number - 01234 123456, I get a voice telling me that the number is not in service. The green LED on the FXO port also does not light up. I have tried all manner of diferent dial patterns and strings in outbound route and trunk settings but none of these have worked.
When I look at Elastix, under hardware, the ports are shown, when I type zap show channels, they all look ok. Under Freepbx, the dahdi channels show up under the panel trunks section, showing a green light with a red circle and white downwards arrow, presumably this means they are not being used.
I have looked through the forums but I am getting increasingly confused as to what I am supposed to configure and where…
My outbound route dial pattern is “9|.” with the zap channel selected for the trunk. The trunk is Zap DAHDI compatible and the dial rule is “XX.” As I have said, I have tried all kinds of permiatations as per the forums but nothing works.
I really do need some simple to follow instructions to help me get this sorted.

Dial pattern and dial rules are two different things. Remove the xx from the dial rule.

Hi Eugene thank you for the reply…
Whilst trying to work through the issue I applied some updates to Freepbx to version 2.7, but after the process, I now get the following error when I click on the pbx tab in the elastix platform:

SELECT username, password_sha1, extension_low, extension_high, deptname, sections FROM ampusers WHERE username = 'asteriskuser’
DB Error: no such field

I can guess what this means but have no idea on how to resolve this. Can you help or should I open a new thread?

Kind regards