Help with end point manager(EPM) and Grandstream phones

Hi all,

I have to setup some Grandstream GXP-2010 and GXP-2100 phones for a customer around 30 phones, i was looking for documentation on this, and found a link that looks a little bit old.

here is the link:

If anyone has documentation on how provision the GXP phones i would really appreciated.

im using PIAF V. 1.7.56, FreePBX and asterisk 1.4.42

Thank you in advance.

I was able to provision the phones,

i ran the setup-grandstream script, then had to add the mac address manually(because they didnt appears with the nmap scan) them assigned the TFTP server IP to the phones, set the global settings acordelly and create a template. it works great, just had 2 issues the Phones was say “does not have dial Rule” had to fix the dial rule in each phone, but the envelope buttom(for Voicemail) and the intercom buttom and not able to get it set thru the provision.

i see a file for each phone with the mac address at the tftpboot folder but i dont know what will be the option to set the intercom and the envelope button.

any help?

Arent you conversing with me over email?

Regardless you should never run ‘setup-grandstream’

Yes, i’m waiting for your respond on the email.

So you say no run setup-grandstream.

It was not working until i run that script, could you let me know the steps to provisiton the phones?

Thanks in advance!!!

can you send me an email again? I get many emails about endpoint manager and sometimes i lose them.

Ok will do

Instead of private emails can you post the solution on this forum for everyone’s benefit?

Kumar007, at the end, i used the configuration tools from the grandstream website.

Really simple too, just create a template, then create each configuration file for each phone using their MAC address, upload to the TFTP folder and set each phone to use the TFTP configuration server.

The original post was from 2011, since that time we have launched the commercial EPM that will create the config files for Granstream devices, as well as about 15 other manufacturers, it’s only $25.

Either the commercial End Point Manager or the Open Source OSS End Point Manager will provision these phones successfully. I’ve used both and the work very well. I will be using the commercial version from now on as this provides more flexibility but the OSS version is also great!