Help with Elastix/FreePBX to existing PABX system

Hello there.

I’m a newbie in Elastix system. It’s been a month doing Elastix and nothing happened, I have trouble connecting Elastix to an existing PABX for PSTN connection.

btw, is that possible?

In Elastix, i can now connect SIP softphones, can every extension but can’t connect outside call because of wrong PSTN configuration.

Please help.

Ariston, welcome to the forums.

I am not sure what you are looking for out of us, have you posted in the Elastix forums?

In any forum you need to give specific information for someone to help.

In your case here is an example:
Elastix version xxx
FreePBX version xxx
CentOS version xxx
Kernel version xxx

SIP trunks and phones working properly.

Panasonic system has FXO ports and expects 4 digits.

My goal is to provide extension to extension dialing between the systems.

Your plea for help will go unanswered without information from you.

Please ask questions that can be answered.