Help With Dialing from the UK

Hi All,

Need help testing incoming DID from the UK. The DID should come into the UK provider and then forwarded to my PBX in the US.

If there is anyone located in the UK interested in doing this testing please reply. I will followup with the details.

Ok not a problem

Thanks for you offer.

The DID is: 08435320304

Let me know if you get any error messages on your side. Also GMT that ou tried to call.

BTW I am Google chat at: [email protected]

Thanks again.

0843 numbers are revenue generating numbers that can have varying charges to call them depending upon the provider, my provider (Gradwell) charges about 52 US cents per minute to call this number. You would be better to get a UK 0333 country wide number that is charged at the local rate from anywhere in the UK, have a look at, their SIP and IAX2 trunks are very reasonably priced.

Hope this helps.