Help with devices module php file

hi all,

I am trying to do some modifications on sip devices (so called extension in trixbox webpage). I tried to look at /var/www/html/admin/modules/, i found all the modules except some core modules, then I go to /var/www/html/admin/modules/core, again, i found all the core modules except devices and extensions, the page.devices.php file just has 6 lines that refer to device list (i guess). Then I looked at, I found that it handles sip devices and get the sip-config file to setup the sip devices (maybe??). But I still can not find where the “add sip extensions” web page is constructed(so I can get the idea how the variables passed to the core), maybe in the config.php file in /var/www/html/admin ?? I also found in /var/www/htm/framework/modules/trixbox/libraries/TrixpbxUser.php it has all the variable for creating a sip device, but i do not know where this file or the functions in this file are used

please give some clues

thanks a lot

ggff, parts of FreePBX are generated using an html abstraction layer known as guielements. It sucks and isn’t the most fun to work with, but its currently a very integral part of FreePBX. Have a look in core/ for function these functions:


There might also be more documentation on the dev wiki (on trac).

thank you for your reply, i already have CentOS + Asterisk + FreePBX server running, could you suggest some good documentation for reading please? I’ve read the books trixbox CE 2.6 by Kerry Garrison, and trixbox 2 without tears, but i did not find them talk about coding in detail. i would like to know how trixbox/freepbx interact with asterisk in detail

thank you

ggff- I made a suggestion to you in the trixbox forums and I suggest you revisit your posts and process so you have the opportunity to get support from this fine community.

I will also add that double/cross posting and asking for support on trixbox in the FreePBX forums is not a way to engender yourself with the community.

I suggest you install CentOS + Asterisk + FreePBX from source to become familiar with the internals. I would also read as much of the developer and module documentation as you digest.