Help with Custom Extension

Good day all
Being a newbie to this forum, I hope this is the right place for this post
An overview
We have a couple of hundred Trixbox CE boxes installed at branches around the country (South Africa), all the branches have a standard config i.e. we setup one pbx and cloned it and deployed it around the country then made any branch specific changes remotely.
One of the “cloned” items was a custom extension, that when a client dials in and chooses option 1 from the IVR , it will dial out to a call centre…
Now, the question I have is…can I change that number that was setup originally i.e.Local/[email protected] to Local/[email protected] via a script or some other automated process, I would like to avoid having to log into the web interface of each one and change it manually. the reason for the change is that the call center will be changing their number in about 6 weeks.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

Yes but your largest problem is the trixbox’s.

Fonality abandoned the project several years ago. You can’t update anything, and if you try you can break the box.

Did you setup your own repo server and rsync the Fonality repo’s ?

As far as the script, it has been awhile by I the rexec provides that facility.