Help with configurations of IRV

I have deployed a FreePBX and have it up and running. Now trying to configure my inbound route and need some help.

I want a very simple incoming route

1- Customer call our main number
2- Ring 4 time on reception phone ext 201 and ext 200 (two receptionist). If not answer it goes to IRV
3- If both receptionists are busy it goes to IRV right aways
4- IRV is a message to allows the user to get to the directory to spell by name or if the customer knows the extension permit to dial it. Maybe Ill add a few menus but not to start
5- If the customer makes not select then give a message that system will hang up

Can someone help me with this?

The wiki linked to at the top of this page can, but look for IVR not IRV


  1. Create a Queue, Turn on Busy Agent Skip, set the failover to directory (see later) add both extensions to the Queue, set the timeout as you want, set the capacity options: Join Empty -> No. Leave Empty -> Yes.

  2. If you don’t want menus now, then create a directory, add all extensions that you want callers to be able to reach, set the Failover destination to Hangup.

  3. Point inbound route to the Queue.

Hope that works for you.

Much luck.