Help with call flow to after-hours mobile ring groups


I need some help designing a call flow for handling after hours customer service - handled by mobile field technicans.

Field techs work various shifts, but they’d only handle calls after hours and weekends.
I’ll be routing after hours calls from the existing PBX into a FreeBPX install.

Inbound call --> Ring group --> Ring mobile1, mobile2, mobile3, mobile4 (with 20 seconds rings).

If no one answers in the ring group, then the call goes to either another ring group, freepbx voicemail or to a 3rd-party message handling/call centre service.

The person on the mobile has to press a key to take the call; calls should not go to mobile voicemail. If a mobile is unavailable (turned off etc.) then the call shouldn’t fall through (in the calling chain).

Currently, the inbound calls (from anywhere) to the majority of mobiles ring for 30 seconds before going to voicemail.

How can FreePBX be configured to achieve the above?

Thanks for reading!


If the only thing you are using Asterisk for is handling this ring group, and the initial call flow determination for after hours or not is done elsewhere, then you simply build a ring group and set the failover destination to you desired next destination.

You must tick confirm calls to have a field tech press a button to accept the call … thus preventing it going to the cell voicemail.


I’ve got the ring groups working. How do I extend the overall ring time to greater than 60 seconds on FreePbx v 2.8?

Ring group ring alls for 30 seconds, then moves to Ring group 2
Ring group 2 rings for 30 seconds and then cuts out, unless I set it to 25 seconds and if not answered send to local extension voicemail.