Help with auto answer PLEASEEEEEEE

Ok this is what i want to do… Call comes in. i want the caller to hear a couple of rings(Phone doesnt have to ring at the destination) then a message “Please hold whiles i try to connect you” call is then transferred to an extension.

Using IVR, i can get the caller to get a message when they call then the call is transferred to an extension. The initial couple of rings though i dont know how to do that. Any help please.

Try “Pause before answer” on your inbound route…

Tried that. there’s a pause before the call is answered but the caller does not hear anything. During that pause, i want it to sound to the caller as if its ringing. Hope am making sense. thanks

This is a kludge…but…

Record a couple of rings, set them up as an announcement point the inbound route to the announcement and then point the announcement to where ever it is you want to call to go…

You’ll have to do this for each inbound route.


how do i record ringtone please… am sorry i got no idea how to do that?
I thought I could find em in the recordings that came with the system but naaaaa.

Easiest way would be to google for “ringback tone wave” and download what you need.

If that doesn’t work, I believe I’ve got one either here at the office, at home or on the laptop that I might be able to dig up.


I found it…2 rings?

PM me with your email address.


thanks Bill cant figure out how to PM u so probably a silly thing to do. here we go… [email protected]

Check your email…

I’ve sent you 2 cycles of North American Ring Back Tones (RBT)
and 2 cycles of UK RBT’s.

You rock dude

No problem…

Let me know how it works!