Help with Asterisk Manager API

so I have a Filemaker application which uses a plugin that connects a TCP/IP socket using the Asterisk Manager API.

Basically, my staff can click a button in Filemaker, it dials their exten, then auto-dials the customer.

I am adding a feature which will “page” me in the back office. I would like for my staff to press a button, it calls my exten with a distinctive ring. I don’t need to pick up the phone because I know I am being paged.

My problem is the below commands require my staff to pick up their exten (which is 702) before it autodials me (which is 706)

action: originate
channel: sip/702
Context: from-internal
exten: 706
Priority: 1

any help is greatly appreciated! I was looking into making custom contexts, but I am thinking there is an easier way before I starting messing with extensions_custom.conf