Help with airbnb setup

I’m renting my apartment on My place is in multistory building. The only way for my future guest to enter is with key or by dialing code on the door intercom. The intercom is set to dial out to number that is registered with my freepbx. I was wondering if there is a way to accept this call and then to invoke freepbx to dial 9 in order to open door.

If the door intercom is in the from-internal context then you can create an extension inside the from-internal-custom context using the file extensions_custom.conf for example:

exten => 3542,1,Playback(agent-pass)
same => n,Authenticate(8590)
same => n,Dial(yourtech/yourpeer, 30,D(9))
same => n,Hangup

Then enter in the asterisk cli and execute:

dialplan reload

With this you can dial from intercom the extension 3542 and it will ask for the password, in this case 8590. After that asterisk will send a call using the technology that you want(ex: SIP,IAX2) to the peer to contact, after the peer answers the call it will send the digit 9.

You can also replace the auth method to use an AGI script to pull data from the database like users or passwords or even to send you push notifications to your cell phone and maybe you can authorize the access from your phone like the Okta Application does… Everything is up to you.

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I’m sorry if i wasn’t clear enough. The intercom will send the call to DID.
intercom–>dial did–>inbound route–>pbx answer–>dials 9–>door opens.
The call will be coming from inbound route.And there will be no other phone call. The connection will be at this time established.The only thing that needs to happen is the pbx to send dtmf 9.

Please advise.
Thank you

Are you looking for someone to type the code in for you?

I haven’'t tested it yet, but I’m pretty sure the example (and it’s only an example) gets you most of the way to where you want to go.

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