Help with ADMIN account restore

I have a free PBX distro that’s about 2 years old and everything is working, however I can no longer get into the admin console…probably due to hacking cuz if I look in my databases for MySQL, there is no admin user, there are 3 users named root and one user named freepbxuser. I created a new user and gave them permissions the MySQL and asterisk databases, but the account doesn’t let me log in to the PBX admin panel. I am not a Linux guy, but any help would be greatly appreciated so I could get logged in again.


Support/wiki and search for password recovery

Yeah but the admin account is gone? Will that still work?

Yes…did you look at the procedure? It disables authentication for a single session.

No, I did not see the procedure on the wiki, I looked through the first 10 pages of results and did not see it.

I found this

Is this it? Looks like it

The naming isn’t obvious.

When I search lost password first result

look at the

amportal a u


THANK YOU!! The amportal a u stuff worked perfectly!

Glad you go it working. I did mention to use our wiki not to search the Internet. There is so much outdated info on the web.