Help with Aastra Phones

Hello all, i am seeking a solution to my issue which I’ve done extensive research on, and have am still stuck on it.

I have 2 sites, using a Sonicwall VPN to connect them. Site A is the main site where my FreePBX distro is hosted, and site B is where the actual phones are. Using the Endpoint Manager, I am able to scan my Site A network (where the freepbx box is, and some phones) and I will see a list of devices. However, for Site B - I don’t get anything back.

I’ve done some research and I see that the endpoint manager uses ARP / MAC addresses with NMAP i’m assuming to find phones on the network. The problem is though however, you cannot get ARP MAC addresses over the VPN.

Also, I realized that even when i use a simple scanner utility, the Aastra phones NEVER reply their host name, even when specifying an internal DNS (we are behind an AD network as well).

Can anyone tell me this:

  1. Is there another way the endpoint manager can scan the network for phones besides relying on ARP?

  2. Does anyone know why when you simply do a network scan and look for the Aastra’s hostname or MAC (non ARP) it does not reply?

I have taken out ALL firewalls to make sure there was no blocking or issues there.

If there is another way where I can have the phones register their MAC address and IP to the actual phone system, would that work? And how would i go about doing that?

Thanks so much for your help!

Are you not able to put the MAC’s in manually?

If you are using a DHCP helper getting MAC’s from managed networked devices is a challenge, if the DHCP is on the same LAN at the remote network you should be able to look at DHCP log and ARP table.