Help with 2102 ATA

Hi Group,

I’m trying to get a SPA2102 to work correctly but need some assistance.

A quick overview of my setup.

The pbx lives at the datacenter and sits behind a firewall with TCP/UDP5060 and UDP 10000-20000 open to it.

I have a polycom 501 at my home office and this is working fine. Today, I added a SPA2102 ATA to my home office as well, but it is not working properly. Like the polycom, the SPA 2102 has a local extension assigned only and is registered ok.

I can make outbound calls from the 2102 ok. I can call my SPA2102 from my polycom phone ok. I can call my polycom from my SPA2102 ok. But when I call in to my pbx using our phone number, I cannot connect to the SPA2102 at all when dialing the extension. However I call into my polycom phone ok with extension.

Not sure what the issue is. I’m trying to figure out why the SPA2012 would work inside my home lan but not from the outside via phone number.

Please disregard this post, the problem was user error.